Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Problem with the Nomination and Endorsement of Ronnie Floyd

A chronology of the problems with the nomination and endorsement of Ronnie Floyd for president of the SBC:

  1. In February, we had Vines, Patterson, Pressler and Smith announce at the Pastor's conference in Jacksonville, FL that Johnny Hunt was to be the next SBC president. (I am assuming that they prayerfully sought God's leadership and this was His will as revealed to them.)
  2. The Executive Committee announces that the Ad Hoc Committee report recommends for the convention to do the following: (1) encourage individuals to tithe; (2) encourage churches to give at least 10% to the CP; (3) encourage the election of officers from churches who give at least 10% to the CP.
  3. Johnny Hunt's record of giving is in question based on the statements and recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  4. Johnny Hunt announces that "he does not have peace" about being nominated for the President of the SBC.
  5. Johnny Hunt then announces his intent to nominate Ronnie Floyd to be president of the SBC. (I am now assuming that he sought God's leadership and this is now the will of God.)
  6. Patterson announces on the SWBTS website that he supports Floyd's nomination for SBC president even though he (Patterson) had previously referred to Floyd's actions (fire truck baptistery) as "blasphemous."
  7. Morris Chapman then admonishes the leaders of Baptist entities to refrain from endorsing candidates.
  8. Floyd's record of giving (0.27%) is in question based on the statement and recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee. (I believe that Floyd's record of giving to the CP may be worse than Hunt's)
  9. Akin sent out an email to SEBTS' population endorsing Floyd and inflating his numbers in order to make Floyd's record to giving look better. (However his explanation is apples and oranges.) What is being questioned is Floyd's CP giving.
  10. Floyd posted an endorsement for himself by Al Mohler on his (Floyd's) blog site. (Which I feel displays a bloated ego)
  11. We now have three (3) seminary presidents who are endorsing and embracing a presidential candidate who does not support the CP (gives less than 1/2 of a percent). It is money given through the CP that supports their seminaries. I would think that they would want churches to support the SBC so in turn their Seminaries would be supported.
  12. If Floyd becomes president and leads our churches to give to the CP by example then there is a great possibility that these seminaries will have to greatly increase their tuition and housing cost for students, down size their administration and faculty, or cut back on some of their travel and other personal expenses.

I find it hard to support Floyd because he doesn't lead his church to financially support the CP although there is an argument that his church does "significantly give to other SBC causes."

As pastors of churches I wonder how you would feel about the following scenario.

Suppose I am a wealthy member of your church. Let’s just say that my annual tithe should be $1,000,000. I have determined that I know better how my money should be spent so I put $1,000 each week into the offering and then I go though out the community to see who I can help with rest. At the end of the year I have given my church $52,000 and given others whom I termed as my mission projects $948,000. I am not directly helping my church but I am significantly helping missions, I just get to choose which ones.

I hope you all think the above scenario is wrong.

As a born again believer, I am supposed to tithe. As a member of a local body I am suppose to bring my tithe to that storehouse and not determine on my on where it should go.

Floyd's church does not have to be part of the SBC to be Baptist. They have chosen to be part of the SBC so therefore they should support the SBC through the CP and not choose how they give "their significant percentage."

If every church in the SBC did the same thing then on what exactly are we cooperating?